León, Nicaragua

Mural in Sutiaba, the indigenous village
to which León was moved, in 1610.
Photo Credit: Goggins World
León barrio.
cathedral dome
Photo Credit: Jamie
León evening.
Photo Credit: Ashabot
Photo Credit: Winnie
Built between 1747 and 1814, the León Cathedral is one of Nicaragua’s two UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as the largest church in Central America.
Photo Credit:
Ant & Carrie Coleman
In a city full of street art and public murals, this depiction of Augusto Sandino’s boot on Uncle Sam -- here depicted as a dog – is one of the most famous.
Photo Credit: Jean-Marie Prival
“We have fought for liberty and today we swear to defend it.”.
View of volcanoes, looking east from the roof of Leon Cathedral.
Photo Credit: Goggins World

(Justo Santos) Arreglo De Julio Cansino
"Moralimpia" from album Nicaragua Mia
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